Τρίτη, 28 Φεβρουαρίου 2017

Calling all young photographers! UNESCO's

Calling all young photographers! UNESCO's "If I were" photo contest is now accepting submissions in the run-up to the International Conference on Youth volunteering and dialogue. For more information on how to take part, visit https://en.unesco.org/if-i-were-global-youth-contest
Καλώ όλους τους νέους φωτογράφους! Η UNESCO είναι "Αν ήμουν" διαγωνισμός φωτογραφίας δέχεται τώρα υποβολές στην πορεία προς τη διεθνή διάσκεψη για τον εθελοντισμό των νέων και του διαλόγου. Για περισσότερες πληροφορίες σχετικά με το πώς να λάβουν μέρος, επισκεφτείτε το https://en.unesco.org/if-i-were-global-youth-contest

Global Festival of Ideas for Sustainable Development in Bonn, Germany

United Nations Youth
On 25 September 2015, the 193 member states of the United Nations agreed on a global agenda and adopted the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to achieve by 2030. These set of goals were adopted to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure prosperity for all.
The Global Festival of Ideas for Sustainable Development which starts tomorrow (1- 3 March) in Bonn, Germany, hosted by the UN SDG Action Campaign, will bring together leading thinkers, policy-makers and civil society, together with gaming experts and policy simulators, to deliver the world’s first PLAYABLE policy conference based on the SDGs .
Watch the festival online live tomorrow: http://webtv.un.org
#SDGs #GlobalGoals #GFI4SD #YOUTH2030

Κυριακή, 26 Φεβρουαρίου 2017

“Peace is…” Logo Contest 2017

“Peace is…” Logo Contest 2017

The Permanent Mission of Japan to the United Nations, in collaboration with the United Nations Department of Public Information (DPI) and other Missions are celebrating the annual UN agenda theme with a series of events entitled, “Peace is…”

The purpose of these events is for Japan and other member states to show their support to the three pillars of the UN agenda (Peace and Security, Development, and Human Rights) in the form of interactive cultural events.

This year’s theme is “peace,” which can be expressed in diverse ways. Peace is family, water, and education, just to name a few examples. The Japan Mission, along with the DPI and other Member States, will decide on a topic to be highlighted each month.

Σάββατο, 25 Φεβρουαρίου 2017

UN Major Group for Children and Youth (UN MGCY)

UN Major Group for Children and Youth (UN MGCY) is starting a blog series to reflect the views of young people on the implementation, monitoring, follow-up, and review of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). They want to hear from you! Within the scope of Goals 1, 2, 3, 5, 9, 14, & 17 – tell them what you are passionate about, the emerging trends and issues, or the progress in implementing the SDGs within your national/local context!
Guidelines: include citations, at least one infographic, 500-900 words. Submit to escspi@childrenyouth.org by March 5th.
More: http://bit.ly/2mgysGU

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International Day of Happiness,

In advance of International Day of Happiness, join #TeamSmurfs in addressing climate change, end poverty, fight inequality and achieve the Global Goals for Sustainable Development!
Take the quiz and find out what action you can take at home, at school and in the office: http://www.smallsmurfsbiggoals.com/
#SmallSmurfsBigGoals #SDGs #GlobalGoals
Εκ των προτέρων για τη διεθνή ημέρα της ευτυχίας, ενταχθούν #teamsmurfs στην αντιμετώπιση της κλιματικής αλλαγής, τέλος της φτώχειας, της καταπολέμησης των ανισοτήτων και την επίτευξη του Global Goals for Sustainable Development!

Πάρε το quiz και μάθε τι μέτρα μπορείτε να πάρετε στο σπίτι, στο σχολείο και στο γραφείο: http://www.smallsmurfsbiggoals.com/
#Smallsmurfsbiggoals #sdgs #globalgoals

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Have you ever thought of engaging in the United Nations (UN) but just didn't know where to start?

United Nations Youth
Φωτογραφία του χρήστη United Nations Youth.
 The UN Major Group for Children and Youth (UN MGCY) is the formal UN General Assembly mandated self organised space for youth below 30 to contribute to and engage in certain intergovernmental and allied policy processes at the UN.
Its primary purpose is to engage young people and their organizations in the Design, Implementation, Monitoring, and Follow Up & Review of sustainable development policies.
To achieve this, it facilitates both online and offline platforms & avenues to foster dialogue amongst young people and other stakeholders including governments.
In addition, it ensures spaces for youth to prepare, present and advocate for policy positions, conducts capacity building to take part in UN processes at the all levels, hosts trainings for effective participation of young people, as well as coordinate logistics, formal inputs, and resources related to the various UN processes.
Join here to participate: http://childrenyouth.org/involved/

Τετάρτη, 22 Φεβρουαρίου 2017

Inspiring stories!

Inspiring stories! RecycleMe is a Mobile App in Paraguay created by Julio Guimaraes and Jimmy Villaverde Emategui that aims to use Sharing Economy to encourage recycling. Currently, the city of Asuncion has more than two million inhabitants with an average of 800 tonnes of garbage generated at home. And up to 45% of these wastes are recyclable. The idea behind the app is to connect people who want to recycle with each other- this includes recycling companies, educational institutions or foundations- all from the comfort of your smartphones! The creators want to eventually build a global platform where people can do sustainable business using this App.
Want to know more? Check this out (link in Spanish): http://bit.ly/2eH9JLV
The developers are part of the five winners of the 2nd edition of the contest “Estamos Comprometidos”, an initiative led by UNESCOAshoka ChangemakersSocialab and Koga Impact Lab, which aims to encourage creative and innovative projects by youth that contribute to reach Sustainable Development. Learn more about it here (link in Spanish): http://bit.ly/1fiRE2J

Τρίτη, 21 Φεβρουαρίου 2017

International Mother Language Da


United Nations Youth

 Did you know that today, 65 years ago, students demonstrating to fight for their mother language were killed in Dhaka, the capital of what is now Bangladesh?
International Mother Language Day was thus designated for member states "to promote the preservation and protection of all languages used by peoples of the world". This year the day is celebrated under the theme “Towards Sustainable Futures through Multilingual Education”.
Let us know in the comment box below what languages you speak and also follow what UNESCO is doing to celebrate the importance of multilingual education: http://bit.ly/1d4CaXO

Τρίτη, 14 Φεβρουαρίου 2017

This Valentines Day help her -- and the 37,000 girls

“My father says that he wants me to grow up so that I’m not dependent on a man, and my mother feels the same way. That’s why I might not get married at all,” said Monika, 15, from Hatyahu, Nepal. She wants to be a doctor, and wants a #FutureNotFlowers.
under 18 who are forced to get married each day -- say #IDONT to child marriage.
Find out more from UNFPAunfpa.org/FutureNotFlowers